EcStatic Manifesto

The internet is often conceived of in (pseudo)biological terms. Videos go viral, fragments of language replicate themselves as memes, and yet when it comes to the subject of transmission we tend to degenerate into a nursery school cant about sharing. Here at Ecstatic we know what the internet is really all about: infection. Wyndham Lewis once said that laughter is the mind sneezing. If this is true, then a blog post is the majestic residue sliding down the window of the number 55 bus.

Ecstatic is a scrapbook, jotter and general soapbox for the thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams of the students of the London Consortium and all the fascinating people that we know. It is being launched in anticipation of the exciting renewal of the Consortium’s student edited journal Static as platform on which to make important announcements and build enthusiasm. We want to write about living and studying in London, about the things that we see and do, about things that we read, the places we go to and the things we organise. We want to take these things and lock them in a room together: Ecstatic is a chicken-pox party for suburban toddlers.

And we want to infect you too. For what is an infection if not something you share with a lover or give to a friend? Please leave comments or email us if you want to get involved with the blog or want to know more about Static magazine or the London Consortium in general.

Ecstatic is a sniffle in an early morning morning lecture, a chesty cough on a crowded tube carriage and a sneeze in the cinema when the lights go down.


About Ec-Static

This is a blog from the students of the London Consortium. Please check out our journal at
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