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London Consortium at Science Lates

Tonight (Wed 29th Feb) the London Consortium is presenting Wendy Moore as our guest speaker for Science Lates, at the Science Museum in London. Wendy is a Sunday Times Best Selling author holding a diploma in the history of medicine … Continue reading

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Slavoj Zizek do the Police in Different Voices: The Giant of Ljubljana on ‘The Wire’, Birkbeck College, Friday 24th February 2012

Sall in the game muthafuckaz! Slavoj Zizek warns us against the ‘withdrawal into wisdom’, a position he characterises, quoting the great Ben Elton, as the Circle of Life thesis. This, he argues, is the ultimate and problematic tendency of David … Continue reading

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Record of a conversation I had with a stranger with a rucksack in Bloomsbury Square

Stranger: Everything in London is dispensible, you know. Me: Yes. Stranger: It’s all just pocket money. Me: Good.

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Sedentary Psychogeography

Walking between Holborn Underground Station and Russell Square, I have often wondered about this tunnel: Recently my curiosity built up to such a level that I conducted an internet search of the phrase: tunnel tramtracks near holborn. Insultingly, my search … Continue reading

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A Vegetable Poem for Gertrude Stein

Gertie the Beetroot Seed a fist and could it could. a reel & be or & to up and be to down. perhaps alone & together it would not being in not & not yet still not not yet not. … Continue reading

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“The Magic Button”.

Troubles? Just click it.

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Call for papers: Static 09. Buttons

‘Careful and curved, cake and sober, all accounts and mixture, a guess at anything is righteous, should there be a call there would be a voice.’           — Gertrude Stein, Tender Buttons The humble button encompasses ideas of … Continue reading

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For those who have been wondering what’s happened to Static, the journal edited by students of the London Consortium…

Ironically, following the publication of Issue 08 – General, Static has been keeping true to its name, transfixing its gaussian noise into freeze-screen snow, an appropriate visual background to a hiatus that has been lasting for more than three years. … Continue reading

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