The Ocelli

(ERRATUM: The Ocelli will be running till Saturday 7th April, NOT 7th March as I previously wrote. All the more time to go see it! Do!)

Heads up!

Starting this Saturday (3rd) running until Saturday 7th April, Space In Between in Hackney will be showing a new film The Ocelli by ARKA group‘s Ben Jeans Houghton & Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau.

Fellow consortiumite Vanessa Bartlett has worked with the artists to produce a text to accompany the film, which can be found following this link.


“The Ocelli – a film in 25 parts – is a study of perception, vision and myth which charts the development of a 2000 year-old mushroom, Armillaria, from dormant state to sentient being, alongside an investigation of human vision and perception. Combining archive 16mm footage from the British Museum of Optometry, acted film, specific visual effects, music and narration, the ARKA Group’s The Ocelli creates a complex web of ideas and visual materials.

The film builds on processes that the ARKA group have collaboratively developed; mixing archived, documentary and acted film to create worlds where mythology and factual research are muddled and combined. As part of The Ocelli the group worked with students from Bangabandhu Primary School in East London, inviting them to illustrate and describe in their own words visual perception, threading this throughout the narrative elements from Armillaria’s story.

The Ocelli is the fourth project produced by the ARKA group and was supported by IdeasTap, London.
Writer Vanessa Bartlett has worked with Ben Jeans Houghton & Matthew de Kersiant Giraudeau to produce an accompanying text.

The Ocelli runs from 03/03/12 – 07/04/12.
Screening times: on the hour between 1-5pm. The last viewing will start at 5pm and the gallery is open from 12pm.
Private View; 01/03/12 from 6-9pm”

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