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Unhappy Hipsters

I have glimpsed the future: It is never too late to arrive in the future! The future will be spent mostly in the kitchen. In the future, your kitchen will be clean. Interior design will be the only job … Continue reading

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The Kony Virus

I awoke this morning to a Facebook plastered with KONY 2012 videos, ‘like’s and statuses. The faecal-oral transmission of viral videos has left me bewildered and always slightly behind on such exchanges, if they are that. I think it’s important … Continue reading

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‘A bag of wind’

I saw this letter George Orwell wrote to his editor Frederic Warburg at the Out of This World exhibition at the British Library last year. I’m glad I found a picture someone took of it as I had been thinking about … Continue reading

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A Vegetable Poem for Gertrude Stein

Gertie the Beetroot Seed a fist and could it could. a reel & be or & to up and be to down. perhaps alone & together it would not being in not & not yet still not not yet not. … Continue reading

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EcStatic Manifesto

The internet is often conceived of in (pseudo)biological terms. Videos go viral, fragments of language replicate themselves as memes, and yet when it comes to the subject of transmission we tend to degenerate into a nursery school cant about sharing. … Continue reading

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